Truro City of Lights procession, November 2012.

The weather was fine and warm so there was a
record turnout of 35,000 visitors. We had a good
turnout as well and rocked the city! Pam danced
in her new costume and the guys were adorned
with wigs and the girls with tutus (and some of
the boys!). The atmosphere was fantastic, what
a buzz to be involved with such an exciting
event and such great people!
 Low resolution version of last photo
Video of City of Lights available on our Facebook page
This has come out really dark for some reason when I uploaded it, the original's much better

There are many more videos of HayleStorm on our YouTube channel . Also "Hopelesslyforgetful" has
quite a few, more recent ones. You can also do a
search for Haylestorm, there's more videos appearing
all the time.

Our Facebook page also has info and photos

As mentioned on the homepage, here are the videos of Trevithick Day, What a cracking gig! Thank's again to Pharic for taking the videos! 









These are rehearsal videos from summer 2009,

plus a recording of Funk from Truro's City of Lights 2009!